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Best States For Your Next Fishing and Camping Adventure

Plan a fishing and camping adventure for every season. Here are some of the best states for fishing and camping spots.

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Go Fishing Without a License in California

Why you shouldn't go fishing without a license in California, sales contribute to conservation efforts, only certain situations allow fishing without a license

How to Cast a Dry Fly Versus a Wet Fly

The components for how to cast a dry fly instead of a wet fly are similar. Here’s how it may differ and why. 

10 Great Fishing Vacations for Ocean-Loving Couples

List of ten great ideas for fishing vacations ranging from beach, pier, inshore, offshore experiences. Fishing vacation packages for all experience levels

How to Catch a Trout for Dinner

From pond to frying pan, fishing for trout makes for a great day on the water

5 Tips to Plan a Fishing Trip with your Kids

Fishing is an activity the entire family can enjoy. As a parent, you get to see the unbridled delight of a son or daughter catching their first fish.

Jigging for Beginners: 5 Tips for Gear, Tackle, and Technique

Jigging for beginners. Shore jigging is a unique style of fishing that requires specialized gear, tackle, and techniques. Learn quick tips here!

Five Tips to Catch More Fish

You don’t need years of experience to up your odds. These five tips and hints will have you catching more fish in no time.

Try a Carolina rig for Minnesota bass

A good way to fish Minnesota bass is to use a Carolina rig, which is a slip sinker setup that drops your plastic bait to the bottom where bass often hold in vegetation, on or along points or other deep structure. A Carolina allows for a very natural presentation of plastic baits near bottom of a lake or river. 

8 Things to Include On a Small Boat Safety Checklist

Making and referring to a small boat safety checklist ensures you have required and optional equipment with you on the water. Here’s what should be on the list.

Tuna Tackle For Beginners: 5 Lures you’ll Love

Tuna tackle for beginners. Learn five types of lures all seasoned anglers should add to their tuna fishing tackle box.

Braid to Fluorocarbon Knot: Steps for Tying the Uni-to-Uni

Get the steps for tying an easy braid to fluorocarbon knot. Tying fishing knots like the uni-to-uni can be easier than you think for connecting leader to line

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