You just bought a new boat and can’t wait to spend relaxing days on the water with family and friends. Before you launch for the first time, you need to have your West Virginia boat registration paperwork and know the WV boating regulations. Your boat registration dollars help to sustain state resources that promote safe and responsible use of our waterways.

When you apply for your West Virginia boat registration, you will be required to pay boat registration fees that are based on the size of your vessel. Register your boat at your local West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles office or send your application in through the mail.

WV Boating Regulations and Laws

Whether you are a new boater who has just applied for your West Virginia boat registration or an experienced boater who has spent years on the water, you can learn the state laws or update your knowledge of the WV boating regulations by taking a boating safety course. A boating safety course will guide you through the boating basics and equipment requirements.

As a boat operator, you are responsible for making sure that your vessel carries the required safety equipment and is in full compliance with state and federal regulations. Keep in mind that boating laws will vary from state to state and that there can be special regulatory zones for specific waterways. Always be sure to check the boating laws that apply in your area.