You can fish on Lake Michigan right in downtown Milwaukee at Lakeshore State Park or fish a more rural setting on Half Moon Lake in Eau Claire. Regardless of the Wisconsin fishing spot you choose, you will have to purchase a freshwater fishing license before you go fishing in Wisconsin.

The easiest way to purchase your fishing license is to buy one online from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Alternatively, you can purchase a license through a local fishing license agent.

WI Fishing Rules and Regulations

After buying your Wisconsin freshwater fishing license, you will need to check the state fishing regulations to be sure you know the seasons, size limits and bag limits. Fishing rules and regulations are an important part of maintaining healthy fish populations in each state.

How to Help With Conservation

Every time you go fishing in Wisconsin, you can help with conservation by respecting our natural resources. Find out more about specific ways we can reduce our impact on the outdoors by avoiding sensitive areas and taking part in resource enhancement projects.