You might be ready to buy a sportfishing boat so you can go on salmon fishing trips in Puget Sound or purchase an aluminum fishing boat that will make it easy to scout for trout on the Little Spokane River. No matter which type of boat you choose, you will need to get your Boater Education Card and WA boating license (or boat registration).

When you register your boat you will need to pay a registration fee; however, the funds collected from boat registration fees help to promote the conservation of our natural aquatic areas.

Washington Boating Rules and Regulations

As a boat operator, you need to be certain that your boat carries the proper safety equipment required by law and that you are in compliance with federal as well as Washington state boating rules and regulations. Safety equipment can include items such as personal floatation devices (PFD), visual distress signals, fire extinguishers, and sound producing devices.

Boating laws vary by state and are subject to change, so check the Washington boat laws on a regular basis for updates and information on boat safety courses near you.