• WA Fishing Education Programs

    • Beginning Fly Tying

      Over the 8 sessions, you will learn how to tie the flies that will get the fish biting.

    • Classroom Incubation Tank Program

      Several chapters participate by helping students learn about fish.

    • Fishing (Basic)

      This class for beginning anglers covers the basics of rod & reel handling, knot tying, using bait and lures, and preparing fish for the table.

    • Fly Casting

      The Northwest Fly Anglers hold their annual Fly Casting classes at the Green Lake Casting Pier. The class is primarily for the beginner.

    • Fly Casting Lessons

      These classes are held less often than fly tying.

    • Fly Casting-Advanced

      This course lasts 4 sessions.

    • Fly Casting-Beginners

      This course starts with the basic fundamentals and continues 6 weeks, every session covering something new.

    • Fly Fishing 101

      Students of this elegant sport learn basic casting, knots, and get an understanding of equipment and gear along with fly fishing etiquette and “catch-and-release” philosophy.

    • Fly Tying Lesson

      Each class focuses on specific patterns.

    • Intermediate Fly Tying

      The roundtable is designed for all levels of fly tying where beginners can learn from experts and experts can share their tricks and ideas.

    • Introduction to Fly Tying

      This course provides students with more than 14 hours of fly-tying instruction by some of the region's most experienced tiers.

    • Introduction to Flyfishing

      This all-day class provides students with instruction in all aspects of flyfishing, including tackle, accessories, knots, casting, entomology, streamside safety and etiquette.

    • Introduction to Net Building

      Students learn to build their own custom laminated-wood nets.

    • Introduction to Rodbuilding

      This class provides students with several hours of rodbuilding instruction by one of the region's most experienced craftsmen.

    • Introduction to Tying Bass Bugs

      This is an advanced course, designed for experienced tyers.

    • Salmon University Course

      This is the 101 college level course on all aspects of the sport of salmon fishing. The class is great for the beginning angler up to the pro looking to hone their salmon angling techniques.