Vermont fishing licenses help pay for fishery management efforts, habitat development and protection, fishing conservation education, and other important state programs. When you buy a fishing license and follow the VT fishing laws, you are doing your part to protect the sport of fishing for generations to come. 

The quickest way to purchase your fishing license is to buy it online through the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. When you buy your license online, you can print it out and start fishing right away. Alternatively, you can purchase a fishing license in person from an approved fishing license agent (such as a tackle shop or sporting goods store) in your local area.

VT Fishing Laws & Regulations

Fishing laws are in place to protect our fish populations. For example, if you plan to fish a Vermont stream for rainbow trout and want to take one home for dinner, you will need to know the fishing laws that outline the legal size limits, bag limits and fishing seasons. Always check the current VT fishing laws that apply to each individual species and waterway.

How You Can Contribute to Conservation

Every angler should learn as much as possible about how to apply ethical fishing practices and proper fishing etiquette. When on any fishing trip, never take more than the number of fish that are legally allowed based on the fishing regulations. Take only the  fish you know you will be able to eat. If you are an experienced angler who is mentoring a beginner, you can further contribute to conservation efforts by sharing your knowledge about how to protect our fish populations through ethical fishing practices.