Not only is boating fun, it is easier to learn than you might think. Once you purchase a boat, you need to apply to get your boating license Virginia registered and learn state boating laws. Safe boating classes are offered in each state and are provided to help educate boaters about state boating regulations.

You will be required to pay a boat registration fee when you submit your license application. However, registration fees are important since the funds collected help contribute to the conservation of state waterways. Find boating license and renewal links in this section.

Virginia Boating Laws and Regulations

The state of Virginia requires boaters to meet boating safety education compliance requirements. Learn about the state specific boating laws that pertain to operator age, personal flotation devices, emergency equipment and navigation.

Boating rules and regulations are put into effect to protect all those who use state waterways. The boating regulations for each state will vary, so know the boating license Virginia boat laws before you leave the dock.