Are you ready to buy your Utah fishing license so that you can take the kids to catch crappie or brown trout at a spot like East Canyon Reservoir? All you have to do is read the state fishing regulations, purchase your fishing license online, and then get your fishing gear ready. You can get out on the water and start fishing with your family sooner than you might think.

State fishing license fees will vary based on residency status and length of time, so be sure to purchase the type of license that best suits your needs. Multi-year fishing licenses can often save you money over the long-term. For each fishing license that is purchased, a portion of the fees go towards protecting and enhancing the sport of fishing for future generations.

Utah Fishing Regulations & Laws

You may have purchased your Utah fishing license, but you still need to learn the state fishing regulations and laws before you can head to your first fishing spot. Fishing regulations are put into place to help keep our fish populations healthy and to ensure a positive experience for recreational anglers. Read an updated copy of the Utah fishing regulations so that you know the fishing seasons, size limits, bag limits, and types of fishing methods that are permitted.

Contributing to Fishing Conservation

Without healthy fish habitats, anglers wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience the excitement of reeling in a smallmouth bass on a Utah lake or the thrill of watching a tarpon leap into the air while fishing the inshore waters of Florida. Learn more about the specific steps you can take to respect our waters while contributing to our nation’s conservation efforts. Then, make time to share information on how to protect our waterways with other anglers.