Boaters under a certain age may be required to take a Utah boat license safety course in order to legally operate a boat on the state waterways. Be a responsible boat owner by learning the UT boat laws, practicing proper boating etiquette and knowing how to safely operate a boat.

Before you board your boat for the first time, make sure you have your Utah boat registration and have paid your boat registration fees. Boat registration dollars are important because they help fund the maintenance of waterway resources such as marinas and launch ramps.

UT Boat Laws and Regulations

Your Utah boat license or boating safety education certificate serves as proof that you have studied the UT boat laws as part of a U.S. Coast Guard approved boating safety course. While there are federal boating laws and requirements that apply, boat owners are also responsible for complying with all state boating laws. Be sure to monitor state laws on a regular basis for updates or changes.

State boating laws cover subjects such as how to follow lateral and non-lateral markers or buoys for navigation purposes. Buoys and markers are part of the U.S. Aids to Navigation system that helps to guide boat operators safely along state waterways, so all boaters need to know the laws on how to heed these important waterway “traffic signals.”