Purchase your South Dakota fishing license online or from a South Dakota fish and game license agent in your area before you plan your first fishing trip. Whether you want to fish from the shores of Lake Alvin near Harrisburg or scout out one of the best smallmouth bass fishing spots on Lake Sharpe by boat, you will need to have your valid fishing license with you.

There are several different types of fishing licenses that are available for residents and non-residents. Additional licenses or permits may also be required for setline or hoop line fishing. Fishing license fees contribute to habitat conservation and fishing education programs.

SD Fishing Regulations & Laws

Fishing regulations are put into place based on research that is conducted to help conserve and improve our fish populations. Before taking a fishing trip, be sure to read an updated copy of the fishing regulations or fishing laws so that you know the fishing seasons, size limits, bag limits, and are aware of any restrictions on types of tackle or fishing gear that can be used.

How to Help With Conservation

As an angler, you can help with conservation efforts by providing survey information to biologists and fisheries managers if asked. Fish management plans have a higher rate of effectiveness when biologists have a wealth of data to work with. Another way you can contribute to conservation efforts is by learning more about overpopulated species and how some fisheries can benefit from increased angling pressure on overpopulated species.