Now that you have your own boat, you will need to apply for your South Dakota boat registration and learn the SD boating regulations in order to operate safely and legally on state waterways. When you register your boat, you are helping to sustain resources that promote responsible use of our nation’s waterways. 

You can register your boat at your local county treasurer’s office after paying the registration fees that are required based on the size and type of boat you have. When you receive your boat registration card, keep it on board your vessel in a safe place at all times.

SD Boating Regulations & Laws

In addition to knowing the laws that apply to your South Dakota boat registration and titling, you will need to learn the laws or regulations that relate to operation and navigation. Every boater, regardless of experience level, should complete a state-approved boating education class that covers the safe boating basics, rules of the road, and equipment requirements.

There are often waterway specific laws that boaters need to be aware of in each state. These laws may involve motor size restrictions or boating regulatory zones that restrict boat speeds in certain areas. Since Stay up-to-date on new boating laws or requirements in SD by checking with South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks.