Buy your South Carolina fishing license, check the SC fishing regulations, and then head to a spot like Santee State Park where you can cast a line out on Lake Marion to catch a largemouth bass or crappie. Or, if saltwater fishing is your preference, you can take the kids to fish from the pier at Hunting Island State Park and see if the spotted sea trout or flounder are biting.

Anxious to start fishing and don’t want to wait in line to get your license? You can quickly purchase your fishing license online or over the phone to save time. A valid fishing license is required for all types of fishing on state waters. The funds from your fishing license purchase go towards important programs such as habitat protection and conservation education.

South Carolina Fishing Regulations & Laws

Accurate fish species identification is very important when it comes to abiding by the fishing regulations and following conservation-friendly practices. If you don’t know the different types of species that you might catch in a particular area, be sure to study a fish identification guide since you will need to follow certain length limits and bag limits that apply to each species. There may also be laws pertaining to certain types of fishing gear or specific waterways.

How You Can Help with Conservation

If you plan to go deep-sea fishing off of the Atlantic coast for species such as black sea bass or red snapper, you should understand how to properly release fish that may suffer from the effects of being brought rapidly to the surface. Deep-sea species can be successfully released with the knowledge of how to apply proper FishSmart catch and release practices. Learn more about how to release the pressure in the fish's swim bladder using a venting tool and how to carefully send a fish back down to the bottom using a descender.