Make sure you have your SC boat registration before you leave the dock in your boat. Your boat registration helps to identify your vessel in the event you need assistance or your boat is lost. While a South Carolina boat license is not required, boaters under a certain age do need to carry a boater education card as proof that they have passed a safe boating course.

When you apply for your boat registration, you will have to pay a registration fee based on the length of your boat. Registration fees are important because they are used to fund resource protection, educational programs, boat ramps, waterway clean up efforts, and safety patrols.

South Carolina Boat Laws and Regulations

Keep your boat trips safe and relaxing by following all of the South Carolina boating laws. Not only do you need to know the laws that apply to your SC boat registration, but you need to know the safe navigation basics, which types of safety equipment are required, and abide by speed restrictions in regulatory zones.

Always boat responsibly by filing a float plan with a relative or friend before you a trip, make sure your boat is in top operating condition, maintain a safe speed, keep an eye out for changes in the weather, and stay alert to the environment around you.