Purchase Rhode Island fishing licenses for your family so that you can take advantage of some of the best freshwater and saltwater spots in the state. If you plan to try your luck at trout fishing on Olney Pond at Lincoln Woods State Park or flounder fishing from the coastal shores, you will need to have a valid fishing license and know the RI fishing laws.  

The easiest and quickest way to get your Rhode Island fishing license is to buy it online using a credit card. There are different types of freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses available for residents and non-residents. Fishing license fees contribute to conservation efforts, habitat management, lake maps and other important state programs.

RI Fishing Laws & Regulations

Fishing laws are in place to help ensure that our fish populations remain healthy now and for future generations of anglers. Always check a current version of the fishing regulations before you plan a day on the water so that you know the laws that pertain to fishing seasons, size limits, possession limits, and specific waterways. Certain areas may be designated as “no kill” or “catch and release” only.

How You Can Assist with Conservation

One of the most important conservation skills to learn as an angler is how to practice proper catch and release. There will be times when you will catch a fish that is outside of the legal regulations, so it is important to know how to release the fish unharmed. If you want to take a photo of your fish before releasing it, it is best to hold the fish horizontally with one hand, rather than vertically, while using the other hand to grip its lip or hold its head from the bottom. Take the photo quickly and then revive the fish until it is able to swim away under its own power.