• RI Boating Education Programs

    • About State Boating Safety and Certification Courses - EVERY WEEK!

      Boating Safety courses are offered every week and weekend throughout the season throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Instructors are licensed USCG Master Captains and deliver the best boater safety and cetification programs. Our 1-Day and 2-Evening courses are for adults and children 10yrs of age and older. Register today!

    • Adult Sailing Instruction in Mercuries

    • Animated Online Boater Certification Course - BoaterExam.com

      BoaterExam.com, the leading provider of online boater education courses designed to prepare students to obtain their boating license or boater education certificate - has developed the following free mini-course with series of narrated animations to illustrate inland navigation rules. You will benefit from the latest information on the following topics: Navigation Rules, Aids to Navigation, Sound Signalling Equipment, Actions for Operation in Darkness, and Visual Distress Signals.

    • Boat Ed

      Boat-ed.com is North America’s leading provider of boating safety education. By completing this NASBLA and State-approved boating course, students can receive their official boating certificate or license. Boat Ed produces print and Internet courses that have provided official safety certification since 1995.

    • Boatwise

      Boating Safety classes

    • Introductory Dinghy Sailing in Club 420s

      For the older child new to sailing or making the transition from Optimists.

    • Junior Sailing

      Beginner through Advanced Opti, Racing Opti, Apprentice 420, and Racing 420 and Lasers.

    • Mercury and Optimist Beginners

      For the youngster with little or no sailing experience. Emphasis will be placed on the fundamentals of basic sailing and boat handling including seamanship, boat safety, right of way rules, and terminology.

    • Mercury Cruising

      For children with basic sailing skills and an understanding of seamanship. This class is designed to strengthen the student's sailing skills in a non-competitive environment.

    • Optimist and Dinghy Racing

      For children with well-developed sailing skills and an interest in competitive racing.

    • Optimist Novice

      An individualized, beginning sailing experience for young sailors (6-7 years old).

    • The Barge

      The barge rows twelve persons at a time in Beginner and Exercise Barge Classes.

    • The Dolphin and the Training Single

      Beginning scullers will move from the zephyrs into dolphins and trainers as they develop their skills.

    • The Eight

      The eight-oared shell is the fastest of all Olympic boats. It requires coordinated balance and the precise power application of eight people.

    • The Racing Single

      This boat is fast, less stable and a lot more fragile than all of the beginner boats.

    • The Zephyr

      Moving into the zephyrs is the first stage of your education in sculling.

    • Youth Programs

      Each season will have classes for beginners, recreational rowers, and those who seek the challenge of competition.