Pennsylvania has thousands of ponds, lakes, streams and rivers which offer a variety of freshwater fishing opportunities for both beginning and experienced anglers. To prepare for a fishing trip in Pennsylvania, you will need to purchase a PA fishing license and read the current fishing regulations.

A Pennsylvania fishing license can be purchased from the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission online or in person through a fishing license agent in your area.

PA Fishing Regulations

Every state has a unique set of fishing regulations that are based on a number of factors such as season, area and species. Always be sure to read the regulations carefully before any fishing trip to be sure you know the daily limits and note any special regulation areas. State regulations are put into place so that our fisheries can thrive for future generations of anglers.

How to Help with Conservation

PA fishing license fees help to fund conservation efforts throughout the state. Through these conservations efforts, fish populations are carefully monitored and managed. While biologists and fisheries managers work to manage state habitats and fish stocking activities, anglers can also do their part by understanding the importance of fishing laws or regulations and by practicing ethical fishing.