Boating is a great way to enjoy the outdoors as a family. A boat trip can be an opportunity to learn about nature and waterway navigation while giving the entire family a break from computers and cell phones. Before you take your first trip, be sure you have your Pennsylvania boat registration and are knowledgeable on state boating laws.

When you register your boat, you will receive documentation that the boat legally belongs to you and that you legally authorized to operate the vessel on Pennsylvania waterways.

Pennsylvania Boating Laws and Regulations

When you educate yourself on current boating laws and regulations, you are taking the first step to help protect yourself, your family, other boaters and state waterways. Pennsylvania has its own set of boating rules and regulations that are put into effect for safety and conservation purposes. Have your valid boat registration paperwork on board, and check current boating laws for the area or waterway where you plan to boat.

Find boating laws about speed limit, trailering and more by reading Pennsylvania’s boat regulations today.