• PA Fishing Education Programs

    • Advanced River Guided Program

      The Advanced River Guided Program was designed for the intermediate (through most expert) angler who wants to bring his or her game to a higher level.

    • Basic Course

      The Basic Course is designed for the beginner or novice and will prepare the student to fly fish on their own when they leave.

    • Basic Fishing Class

    • CVTU Fly Tying Class

      The course is designed for tiers of all ages and skill levels and is free of charge.

    • Fly Fishing School

    • North East Schools

      The North East States provide some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the Country along with a variety of saltwater gamefish species from Stripers to Tunas that will test the skills of any angler.

    • One Day Advanced River Program

      Designed for the intermediate and advanced angler. Includes instruction on advanced casting and on-the-river fly presentation to wild trout; dries, nymphs, emergers, and streamers with floating and sinking lines.

    • Fly fishing School with

      Our one day clinic focuses on the fundamentals of fly casting.

    • One Day Introduction to Fly Fishing

      Covers casting instruction, knots, and on-the-river casting to wild trout with dry flies and nymphs.