Boating is a great way to relax, reduce stress and spend the day with your family on the water. Find links to OR boat registration requirements, online boat registration renewal and information on Oregon state boating laws in this section. 

Once you have purchased a boat and are ready to apply for your boat registration, you will have to pay registration and title fees. Registration fees and title fees are important since they help support boat ramps, marinas, marine law enforcement and boat safety education.

Oregon Boating Laws and Regulations

Safe boating is the responsibility of everyone who uses Oregon’s waterways. Practice safe boating by applying all of the state boating laws or “rules of the road” when on the water. You can share the experience of learning these laws with other boaters in a classroom setting or on your own at home by taking an online safe boating course.

Boating laws and regulations vary by state and by waterway, so be sure to check the Oregon boat laws frequently for updates. Remember that a safe, responsible boating experience will always be a more enjoyable boating experience.