• OR Fishing Education Programs

    • 4-Day Spey Rod

      You will learn all aspects of spey rod fishing with both floating and sinking-tip lines.

    • Angler Education Classes

      ODFW offers formal angler education training. Graduates teach angler education classes.

    • Classroom Incubation Tank Program

      Several chapters participate by helping students learn about fish.

    • Intermediate Spey Casting Class

      These classes are for all students that have completed the Introductory Spey Casting Class above.

    • Introductory Spey Casting Class

      This class is about spey casting at its most rudimentary level and will provide a solid foundation to build upon.

    • Learning to Cast

      There are many types of spey casts. You can learn all of them from us.

    • Line Building: Simple and Easy with Al Buhr

      This six-hour class will dispel many mysteries in designing and building fly fishing lines.

    • ODFW Aquatic and Angler Education Program

      ODFW Aquatic and Angler Education is a statewide program, led by trained volunteers, designed to teach recreational angling and stewardship as well as the ecology and conservation of aquatic habitats.

    • Spey Fishing - Casting to fly presentation

      Flyfishing & Guide Schools of Oregon offers Spey Casting beginning through intermediate. Be introduced, or develop to the spey casts that will provide the tools and the foundation for you to fly castfor trout or steelhead/salmon. We cover the roll cast, overhead cast, and switch cast for both single and double handed rods. Then move to the single spey, "C", snake roll, double handed rods. This will enable you to cast and fish on both sides of the river whatever the wind direction.

    • The 6-Hour Class

      Make no mistake, you will catch a trout during this class!