Have you been thinking about buying your Oklahoma fishing license so that you can experience the thrilling pull of a largemouth bass on the end of your line? There is no better time than the present to learn the OK fishing regulations, buy a license and make your fishing dreams come true. It’s hard to beat a fun day of fishing with friends on one of Oklahoma’s lakes or streams.

Fishing license or permit fees help contribute to fishery management, habitat protection, conservation education and other valuable state programs.

OK Fishing Regulations & Laws

When you are out on the water, how do you know which species you can keep and which ones you need to release? How many of each species can you take and can you use more than one rod and reel per person? All of these questions and more are answered in the OK fishing regulations or fishing laws. Keep a copy of current regulations in your tackle box or on your boat.

How You Can Help with Conservation

Ethical anglers take the time to learn how to best protect and respect our outdoor natural resources. If you are an experienced angler who can help beginners understand the importance of protecting the environment and the fisheries we all use, help with conservation efforts by educating others. Talk to them about topics such as how to avoid sensitive areas while fishing (such as shallow waters, grass flats, shorelines, wetlands, reefs or breeding areas) and about how to practice proper catch and release.