Once you have applied for your Oklahoma boat registration, you are one step closer to launching from the ramp or dock in order to take advantage of sunny days spent on the water with family and friends. The next best step would be to sign up for a boat operation safety course so that you have full knowledge of the boating laws and safety requirements. 

When you apply for your Oklahoma boat registration, you will need to pay registration fees that are based upon a combination of the manufacturer's original retail price of the boat and the current age of the boat. Boat registration fees help fund projects such as waterway clean up, boat ramp maintenance, lake mapping, and boat safety education.

OK Boating Laws and Regulations

Learning boat operation safety laws and regulations before taking to the waterways of Oklahoma is just as important as learning the rules of the road before you get behind the wheel of your car. By completing an approved boating safety course and following the Oklahoma boating laws, you will have the safest and most relaxing time on the water.

There are certain safe boating basics or rules of navigation that every vessel operator should follow and boating terminology that goes along with these rules. Know the definitions of a stand-on vessel and give-way vessel, then learn the actions that must be taken when encountering another vessel.