You will need a valid fishing license before you go fishing in Ohio. The easiest way to purchase a license is to buy your Ohio fishing license online. Learn more about the license types that are offered through the state by visiting these links. An Ohio fishing license allows you to fish freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers or streams and is not a saltwater fishing license.

Purchase an Ohio fishing license online from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources or by locating a fishing license vendor near you.

OH Fishing Rules and Regulations

State fishing regulations vary for each state and tend to change often depending on the current fish populations. In the state of Ohio, there are state regulations and site specific regulations that need to be followed. Always be sure to check both sets of regulations prior to each fishing trip.

Assisting with Conservation

In every state, freshwater and saltwater fishing license fees go towards funding conservation efforts. You can assist with conservation efforts by practicing catch and release fishing, keeping your local fishing spots clean, helping to educate new anglers about conservation, and learning more about proper fishing etiquette.