The process of learning how to successfully dock your boat or securely tie your lines can instill feelings of accomplishment and confidence. Rewarding feelings like these and opportunities for personal growth are just two more reasons to own a boat. After buying a boat, you will need to apply for your Ohio boat registration and learn state boating rules.

Not sure what information you will need to provide when applying for your boat registration or what fees you will need to pay? Ohio registration details and a list of fees can be found by visiting these links. Boat registration fees are important because they help maintain and conserve our state waterways.

Ohio Boating Rules and Regulations

Before stepping behind the helm, you need to know the boating laws and regulations that apply in your state. Many states require boaters to complete a safe boating course or exam in order to operate a boat. Once you have your Ohio boat registration, read a boating guide and know the state laws so that your days spent on the water are happy, safe and worry-free.

Since Ohio regulates their own waterways and has state-specific regulations in effect, you will need to read these boating laws.