New York is one state that proves fishing isn’t just something you can do while out in the country or camping. You can purchase a New York fishing license for the experience of landing a lunker largemouth bass while being surrounded by skyscrapers in Central Park. Or, if urban fishing isn’t your style, try catching a brook trout on a fly rod while in the Catskill Mountains on Schoharie Creek.

Fishing license fees go toward support of fishery management, habitat protection, endangered species programs and conservation education. Get information on license types and purchase your license online here.

NY Fishing Rules and Regulations

There are state-wide fishing regulations that need to be followed for each species in addition to special fishing rules for each county and body of water within New York. Always check the current fishing regulations after purchasing your New York fishing license and before each trip since these rules are subject to change.

Fishing Regulations and Conservation

Why are fishing rules and regulations important for anglers to follow? Fish populations would be seriously compromised without having rules and regulations in place. Learn more about the importance of fishing laws and which types of regulations are most common.