If you haven’t yet experienced a day of fishing in Nevada, now is the time to plan a NV fishing adventure to one of the state’s over 200 lakes and reservoirs or 600 streams and rivers. You can bring your family to one of the Nevada’s top fishing spots, such as Washoe Lake State Park, to try catching a variety of freshwater fish species that range from catfish to white bass. 

You can find more information on fishing in Nevada through the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Free Fishing Days in Nevada

Have you always wanted to try fishing in Nevada, but haven’t yet made the time? Mark the NV free fishing days on your calendar and try it for the first time without having to purchase a license. Free fishing days are offered each year to give beginners the opportunity to fish for a day without the need for a license. These events are also a great way for parents who don’t already have licenses to take kids fishing.

  • Freshwater:  6/13/15

Nevada Free Fishing Days details and rules


  • The Boat-launching ramps at Lake Tahoe will not open this year 2015 due to diminishing water levels aided by the continuing Western drought.
  • Lake Mead Marina: Crews recently began the process of moving Lake Mead Marina’s boat slips, shop and offices farther out into the lake. Check NV National Park Service for more alerts