There are a number of Nevada fishing licenses available for state residents and non-residents, such as junior and senior licenses. Purchase the right license type for you, then read through the NV fishing rules or regulations before your trip. In order to keep certain species, like trout, you may also need a special stamp or privilege, so be sure to read the fishing license and permit requirements carefully.

Your fishing license purchase helps to protect and preserve the sport of fishing for years to come. The fees collected from Nevada fishing licenses go toward fishery management, habitat development, endangered species programs, and conservation education.

NV Fishing Rules & Regulations

Wondering how many inches a striped bass needs to be in order for you to keep it or you want to know how many bluegill you can take? You will need to check the current Nevada fishing regulations. Always check the regulations before a trip so that you are aware of any special laws that may apply to certain regions of the state. If you catch a fish that is not within the rules, practice catch and release to increase the chances that the fish will survive.

How You Can Help with Conservation

Knowing how to apply proper catch and release techniques is one major way you can help contribute to conservation efforts. Fighting a fish for too long can cause undue stress on the fish, so use tackle that is heavy enough given the species you are targeting and try to land the fish as quickly as you can. Once you have the fish to the boat or shore, handle the fish as little as possible by using release tools such as de-hookers or needle-nosed pliers. When a fish is handled properly, it can be released back into the water to grow and thrive.