Purchase your New Mexico fishing license so you can cast a line out on one of the state’s quality waters for trout or reel in a largemouth bass from Cochiti Lake. Take your family along and teach them how to identify different species or show them a new fishing technique -- just be sure to check the NM fishing license age requirements and fishing regulations beforehand.

It’s easy to buy your New Mexico fishing license online if you want to start fishing right away. Otherwise, you can purchase your license in person from a license vendor, such as a tackle shop or outdoor sporting goods store. Fees from your license purchase help fund habitat development efforts and conservation programs.

New Mexico Fishing Laws and Regulations

Without fishing laws and regulations, certain fish species would become depleted or extinct. Fishing regulations help to protect fish populations and ensure a quality fishing experience for generations to come. Check the current set of fishing regulations prior to each trip so that you are aware of changes or updates. Every angler is responsible for knowing the size limits, bag limits, fishing seasons and gear regulations that apply to the species and waterway.

Assisting with Conservation Efforts

One way you can help with fishing conservation efforts is by practicing proper fishing etiquette. In other words, be respectful of other anglers and take responsibility for the area where you are fishing. If you are fishing from a boat, be sure any litter is placed in a closed container so it doesn’t blow out of the boat. Take any empty plastic containers or cans with you when you leave your fishing spot and recycle them. All anglers who use the waterways have a responsibility to help state agencies protect and conserve our natural resources.