Learn about New Mexico boat licensing or boater education cards if you are new to boating. If you are under a certain age, you may be required to have a boater education card, in addition to your boat registration, when operating on New Mexico waters. A boater education card is proof that you have taken an approved boater education course and know the NM boat laws.

When you apply for your boat registration, you are required to pay a registration fee that is based on the length of your boat. When you receive your boat registration paperwork or Certificate of Number, keep it in a safe place on board. Boat trailers are titled and registered separately.

NM Boat Laws and Regulations

New Mexico is one of 48 states that currently has some form of required boater education in place. Whether you have years of boating experience or are a beginning boater, it is always a good idea to take a boating safety course so that you know the current NM boat laws and safety procedures. There are courses that can be taken online or in a classroom setting.

Aside from the navigational “rules of the road,” each state has a unique set of boating laws and there may be special restrictions that are specific to individual waterways. Don’t assume that laws or regulations are the same from one state to the next. If you use state waterways, it is your responsibility to know the laws that apply. Enjoy relaxing days on the water as a safe and responsible boater who follows.