One of the best things about boating is the opportunity it provides for memorable moments on the water with friends and family. Since there are boat sizes to suit every lifestyle, it is easier to get your NJ boat license and start boating than you might think. Use the links in this section to find boat registration requirements and learn about boating laws.

When you apply for your NJ boat license (or boat registration), you will need to submit a registration fee along with your license application. The funds collected from boat registration fees go towards efforts to protect and conserve state waterways. Find boat license and registration fee information here.

New Jersey Boating Laws and Regulations

Before leaving the pier or dock for the first time with your new boat, you need to know the state boat laws and regulations. New Jersey requires boat owners to have a valid boat license and boat safety certificate in order to operate a power vessel.

For the safety of everyone using NJ waterways, boating laws must be followed at all times. The laws for each state may vary, so check the current New Jersey boating laws here.