When you have the option of fishing in New Hampshire from the Atlantic coastline or from one of the state’s many freshwater lakes and rivers, it may not be easy to make a quick decision about where to start. However, these NH fishing resources can help guide you in the right direction. Be sure to get your fishing license first, then study the fishing reports and regulations to get information on which species are biting and where to find them.

If you are looking for further information about fishing in New Hampshire, check with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Free Fishing Days in New Hampshire

Know someone that is interested in learning how to fish, but that has never had the opportunity to try? Use a New Hampshire Free Fishing day to introduce them to the amazing feeling of accomplishment that comes with catching your first fish. On Free Fishing Days, anglers can experience the excitement of fishing without having to purchase a fishing license.

  • Freshwater:  6/6/15

New Hampshire Free Fishing Days details and rules