Don’t have your New Hampshire fishing license yet? Now is the time to purchase a license so you can experience the thrill of reeling in a feisty smallmouth bass on the Piscataquog River in Manchester or a flounder from the saltwater shores of the Atlantic. Just be sure to study up on the NH fishing laws or regulations that apply to the species and the area you plan to fish.

You can buy your New Hampshire fishing license online quickly or in person from a fish and game license agent. There are different fishing license fees for residents and non-residents, so check the license descriptions before you make your purchase. State residents can also apply for a lifetime fishing license, which can save time and money over the long-term.

NH Fishing Laws and Regulations

Wondering why each state has a different set of fishing regulations? Fishing regulations help to preserve the unique fish populations in each state while protecting the sport of fishing for future generations. Before you plan a fishing trip, check the current set of fishing laws or regulations to find out about the specific size limits, bag limits, seasons, methods and waterway specific rules that are in place.

How You Can Help With Conservation

With an increasing number of anglers on the waterways each year, it is important that we each do our part to help with conservation efforts. If you are an experienced angler who is taking a beginner out for the first time, take the time to educate them about the state fishing laws and explain why fishing laws are important. Fishing laws are often put into place to protect fish that are spawning or where there are a high number of anglers fishing the same waterways. If you do hook a fish that is outside of the regulations, you will need to practice proper catch and release.