Find out if you need a New Hampshire boat license or boating education certificate in order to legally operate a recreational vessel in New Hampshire. You can earn your boating education certificate by taking a state-approved boating safety course. When you register your boat and learn about boat operation safety, you are doing your part to promote the responsible use of state waters. 

All vessels operating on the public waters of New Hampshire must have valid boat registration paperwork and display proper hull identification numbers. Registration fees will also be due at the time of application and are based on the size of your vessel.

NH Boating Laws and Regulations

Need help learning about boat operation safety practices and state boating laws? Sign up for a boating education class in your local area or online. Once you have passed your boating safety exam, you will receive your New Hampshire boat license or boating education certificate. Boating safety courses will help you understand the navigation rules of the road, safety equipment requirements and special regulatory zones.

Safe recreational boating on the waters of New Hampshire helps contribute to the well-being of state residents and visitors. All boaters are responsible for knowing the New Hampshire boating laws and regulations that apply while using state waterways.