Buy your North Dakota fishing license online and plan a family fishing trip to a place like Heart Butte State Game Management Area and Reservoir in Elgin to catch smallmouth bass or crappie. Once you have your fishing license and know the state fishing laws, you can experience the fun of fishing for a variety of different freshwater species in North Dakota.

The easiest way to get your North Dakota fishing license is to purchase a license online. When you buy your license online, you will be able to print your license and start fishing right away. Fishing license fees will vary depending on the license type and resident status, so be sure to read the license descriptions before making your purchase.

ND Fishing Laws and Regulations

Fishing laws are important in helping to improve and conserve fish populations for future generations of anglers. There are laws and regulations in place that specify dates for fishing seasons, daily bag limits, size limits and the type of fishing tackle that can be used. Always check the current set of fishing regulations before you plan a trip or bring a copy along with you.

How to Help With Fishing Conservation

Knowing how to practice proper catch and release is one of the most important parts of being a responsible angler. There will be times when you catch fish that are outside of the legal fishing regulations or limits, so it is important that you learn how to handle and release the fish in a manner that encourages survival. Keep the fish in the water as much as possible and use release tools, such as dehookers and rubberized-mesh landing nets, that minimize handling.