Your ND boat registration dollars play an important part in funding boat ramp maintenance, marinas, lake clean up efforts and boater safety programs. According to the North Dakota boating laws, all vessels propelled by machinery and operated on North Dakota waters must be registered. Always keep your boat registration paperwork in a safe place on your boat.

Whether you have just purchased a new pontoon or a used bass boat, you will need to apply for your ND boat registration and pay the required registration fees before taking your new boat out on the water. Boat registration fees are assessed based on the length of your vessel.

North Dakota Boating Laws and Regulations

As a boat owner or operator, you are responsible for the safety of your passengers and other boaters on North Dakota’s waterways. Keep your boating trips fun and relaxing by following all of the boating laws. Take a boating safety course in your local area or online so that you are educated on boat handling, weather, navigation, and required safety equipment.

In addition to taking a boating safety course, you can also request a vessel safety check by the U.S. Coast Guard to further ensure that you are safe and in compliance with boating laws. A vessel safety check is a free stem-to-stern inspection that is recommended by the U.S. Coast Guard every year.