• NC Fishing Education Programs

    • CATCH

      Adult educator curriculum for K-12 students. 6 hour workshops.

    • Family Fishing

      Learn the basic skills necessary to catch a fish. Topics covered in the program will include species that are commonly found around the pier, a lesson on fish identification, how to cast and tie your rigs as well as catch and release techniques.

    • Fly Fishing Class

      We've packed a lot of information into an 8 hour day, including: casting, knots, equipment, fishing strategies and fly selection, for coldwater, warmwater and saltwater species.

    • Fly Fishing Classes at Clearwater Lake

      This class will focus primarily on Trout.

    • Gulf Stream Fishing 101

      Learn how to become a more effective Gulf Stream fishermen targeting species such as Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi and Billfish.

    • Live Bait King Mackerel fishing 101

      This class is guaranteed to make you a better live bait fisherman.