Buy your Montana fishing license online and then take the family to catch rainbow trout or bass at a place like Wadsworth Park in Great Falls. Before you go, read a current copy of the Montana or Big Sky fishing regulations that apply to the district or area that you plan to fish since there are often district specific exceptions to the standard state fishing regulations.

The easiest way to get your fishing license is to buy it online through the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website. Most anglers who plan to fish in Montana will need a conservation license and a fishing license. Since there are different types of licenses available for residents and non-residents, be sure to read the license descriptions before making your purchase.

MT Fishing Regulations and Rules

Fishing regulations are put into place to help ensure that our fish populations remain healthy for future generations of anglers. Keep in mind that these laws will vary based on the time of year, species, area, and individual waterway. Always check for changes or updates to the Big Sky fishing regulations in advance of your trip to be sure you are abiding by the state laws.

How You Can Help With Conservation

Whether you are fishing the pristine mountain streams or winding rivers of Montana, you can do your part to assist with conservation by having a respect for our natural resources. Always discard used fishing line, lures or any other litter in a trash can or proper recycling container. Just in case there are no trash cans or recycling containers in the area, carry a trash bag with you to pick up after yourself and others. Make an effort to leave your fishing spot better than you found it.