Instead of a Montana boat license, the state requires a boater education card or operator's certificate for vessel operators that are under a certain age. If you want to buy a boat to get to the best fishing spots or to spend relaxing days on the water with your family, you can find details about how to get your MT boat registration or your certificate of number in this section. 

Once you have purchased a new boat, you will need to acquire a certificate of ownership, your MT boat registration paperwork and pay registration fees. Boat registration fees help fund important initiatives such as the maintenance of marinas and waterway clean up efforts.

Montana Boat Laws and Regulations

While you are not required to have a Montana boat license, keep in mind that a boater education card or operator’s certificate may be required. As a recreational boat operator, you are responsible for knowing all of the boating laws and regulations that apply. In addition to state boating laws, there may also be local and federal regulations in effect. 

If you have questions about the laws that pertain to the waterway you plan to use, contact the county sheriffs office or federal agency in that area. The best way to educate yourself on the laws and become a responsible boater is to take a boating safety course before you take your first trip.