You will need to get your Mississippi boat registration whether you decide to buy a flats boat for fishing the Gulf Coast inshore waters or a bass boat for largemouth bass fishing in the freshwater reservoirs. After receiving your registration, it is also important that you learn all of the MS boating regulations so that you are operating your boat in accordance with state laws.

Boat registration numbers are required for identification purposes and must be properly displayed on each side of the vessel as specified by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks.

MS Boating Regulations and Laws

Some states may require you to have a boating license or take a boating safety course in order to legally operate a boat. There are boater safety courses available that can completed online or in a classroom setting. Since the boating laws and regulations vary from state to state, educate yourself on the laws that apply to you and check for waterway specific rules.

There are specific Mississippi boating laws that pertain to subjects such as personal floatation devices (PFD’s), navigation, speed limits, operating under the influence, and more. Counties and cities within a state may also have additional laws in place. Always contact your state boating agency if you need more information and review the Mississippi boat laws frequently for updates.