Once you have your Missouri fishing license and read the MO fishing regulations, you can cast a line out for a largemouth bass on Jefferson Lake or reel in a hefty catfish from the shores of the Missouri River. Aside from bass and catfish, you can also find great freshwater fishing spots that hold bluegill, trout, carp, crappie, pickerel and sunfish.

Before you buy your Missouri fishing license, be sure to check the descriptions associated with each type of fishing license or permit since there are different options offered for residents and non-residents. Fishing license or permit fees help contribute to fishery management, habitat protection, conservation education and other valuable state programs.

MO Fishing Regulations & Laws

Do you know how to properly identify each of the fish species that are found in Missouri? Do you know the regulations that apply for different types of fishing methods? The answer to both of these questions should be yes. Each state has a set of fishing regulations that have been put into place to help protect our fish populations now and for future generations of anglers.

How to Help with Conservation

More and more anglers are taking to our state waterways each year. However, with this increase in overall fishing participation must come an increase in awareness about protecting our natural resources and fish habitats. In addition to having knowledge of your state’s fishing rules and regulations, be respectful of other anglers and take responsibility for the environment around you. Make sure you do your part to help with conservation by learning more about how to apply proper fishing etiquette and best practices.