There is nothing quite like the anticipation of an upcoming boat trip. Once you have made the decision to buy your own boat, you will need to apply for your Missouri boat registration and consider taking a boat operation safety course. Safe boating is the responsibility of everyone who uses state waterways, so it is recommended that all boaters take a boat safety course.

When you apply for your Missouri boat registration, you will need to pay a boat registration fee that is based on the length of your boat. Boat registration fees help fund projects such as waterway clean up efforts, boat ramp maintenance, lake mapping, and boat safety education.

Missouri Boat Laws and Regulations

Both state and federal boating laws apply in the state of Missouri. As a vessel operator, you are responsible for knowing these laws to ensure the safety of your passengers and others who are using the waterways. Missouri law enforcement officers routinely monitor and enforce state boating laws so that everyone on the water has as a safe and enjoyable experience.

As you plan for upcoming boat trips, always double check to be sure that you have all of the safety equipment that is required by the U.S.Coast Guard (USCG). Safety equipment may include items such as personal floatation devices, navigation lights, fire extinguishers, visual distress signals, and sound-producing devices. However, keep in mind that laws are subject to change and do vary from state to state.