• MO Fishing Education Programs

    • Basic Flytying

      Ths is a beginning course in the art of flytying.

    • Fishing Dry Flies

      Learn the tactics and techniques to make you a dry fly master.

    • Fishing Nymphs and Wet Flies

      Experienced anglers will teach you various techniques for fishing these popular flies.

    • Fly Fishing for Trout in Missouri

      This is your opportunity to learning all about the wonderful trout fishing opportunities in Missouri.

    • Fly Fishing from A to Z

      This one night seminar is designed to be your one stop opportunity to learn all about the art of fly fishing.

    • Fly Fishing Techniques

      This class is designed for the fly fisher who has mastered the basics of knots, casting, and fly patterns.

    • Intermediate Fly Casting

      Certified Federation of Fly Fishers casting instructors will teach you advanced casting techniques including the reach mend, wiggle cast, and the double haul. This course is not for beginners.

    • Intermediate Fly Tying

      This four night class is for those who have mastered the basics.

    • Introduction to Fly Fishing

      Over four nights you will learn equipment, flies, and stream tactics and practice your casting under the watchful eyes of experienced fly anglers.

    • Introduction to Fly Tying

      This four night class will teach you all you need to know to enjoy a lifetime of creating your own flies for trout, pan fish and bass.

    • Reading the Water for Trout

      This short class will help you break down the sections of the stream and identify the most likely holding places for trout.

    • Rod Building

      This class will run for six sessions.