There are many reasons why anglers purchase Minnesota fishing licenses and take to the waters by the thousands each year. Fishing creates an opportunity to get fresh air, spend time with friends and learn new skills. If you want to buy your fishing license online, read fishing laws and learn more about conservation, you have come to the right place.

A Minnesota fishing license can be purchased online from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, by phone, or from a state-approved fishing license agent such as a tackle shop or sporting goods store.

MN Fishing Rules and Regulations 

Before you go fishing, you will need to know the fishing rules and regulations that apply in your state. Make it a habit to check for updates to fishing regulations prior to each trip since regulations can change based on seasons or following assessments of fish populations.

Learning More About Conservation 

Ever wonder how state biologists study, monitor, manage and protect fish populations? There is more that goes into the process than you might think. Learn more about the research and time it takes to put together effective fish management plans.