You may be considering a weekend Michigan fishing trip to Cedar River State Harbor in the upper peninsula for northern pike or making a day trip from Detroit to Holly Recreation Area for smallmouth bass. Regardless of which type of trip you take, you will need to buy your fishing license and learn the state fishing laws before you make that first cast.

Fishing licenses can be purchased online from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources or from an approved fishing license vendor such as a tackle shop or outdoor sporting goods retailer.

MI Fishing Rules and Regulations

Fishing laws and regulations are put into effect to help ensure healthy fish populations throughout state waterways. Fishing regulations often change depending on the season and year, so it is important that every angler check for regulation updates prior to each trip.

How You Can Help with Conservation

Each time you go on a fishing trip, you can help contribute towards conservation efforts by practicing proper catch and release techniques. Learn more about using release tools like dehookers and rubberized-mesh nets that help to minimize the amount of stress put on the fish.