• MI Boating Education Programs

    • Advanced Racing

      This course is designed for the student who has completed two years at the intermediate level and who has demonstrated a command of basic racing fundamentals and basic boat-handling.

    • Animated Online Boater Certification Course - BoaterExam.com

      Get your official Boater Education Card with this animated and narrated state approved online boating course and exam. Complete the course at your own pace. Pay only when you pass! Customer Service is standing by 7 days a week to answer any questions.

    • Beginners

      This class focuses on the basics of sailing, including boat parts, points of sail, wind direction aond water safty.

    • Boat Ed

      Boat-ed.com is North America’s leading provider of boating safety education. By completing this NASBLA and State-approved boating course, students can receive their official boating certificate or license. Boat Ed produces print and Internet courses that have provided official safety certification since 1995.

    • Explorers

      This class is designed to give children of ages 4 - 8 and their parents an early and controlled introduction to the world of sailing.

    • Intermediates

      This class is designed for the proficient beginner sailor (typically at lease two summers at the beginner level and 13 years old).

    • Marine Recreational Safety Education Class

    • Private Instruction

      Private sessions are tailored to the student's individual needs.

    • Wendy Price

      boaters safety class