• ME Boating Education Programs

    • 420 Race Grads

      For former 420 Race Team members who wish to continue to sail but cannot make a commitment to a full week's practice and away regattas.

    • 420 Race Team

      An intensively paced class designed to get the utmost out of a junior sailor's racing and performance sailing potential.

    • Advanced 420

      A more intensively paced class than Into to 420, with more of a focus on racing skills, including basic spinnaker and trapeze work.

    • Advanced Optimist

      Focusing on mastering boat handling skills and basic racing.

    • Advanced Sailors

      Develop racing skills and compete with other yacht clubs.

    • Astronomy

    • Beginning Sailors

      Take part in an instructional program which teaches basic sailing skills, terminology and seamanship.

    • Boat Ed is North America’s leading provider of boating safety education. By completing this NASBLA and State-approved boating course, students can receive their official boating certificate or license. Boat Ed produces print and Internet courses that have provided official safety certification since 1995.

    • Boating Education Courses

      Participation in a boating education course will teach how to properly operate and maintain a boat.

    • Boatwise

      Boating Safety classes

    • Canoeing/Kayaking

    • Coed Sailing

      This class offers a relaxed environment for both experienced and first-time sailors to get out on the water in the Center's Bullseyes.

    • Diesel Course

    • Docking 101

      Member Greggus Yahr and Vice-Commodore Craig Fillman will teach this hands-on practice seminar to help you sharpen your docking skills.

    • Electrical Course

    • Hands On Sail Trim

      PYC Education Committee’s onboard sail trim training will offer a great way to gain hands-on knowledge while sailing on member owned boats.

    • Intermediate Optimist

      Full day class for graduates of Pram Sailing, focus is on building basic knowledge and reinforcing confidence, stressing basic coursework and more advanced skills such as upwind sailing and basic racing.

    • Intermediate Sailors

      Build on and practice the skills learned as Beginners.

    • Intro to 420

      This class is intended as a basic introductory class stressing basic sailing skills to older, larger students and introductory double-handed skills to returning sailors with some amount of sailing skill in Optimists who want to learn about 420s at a slower pace.

    • Intro to Racing

    • Junior Program

      The Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club provides a summer sailing program for young people.

    • Lessons

      All members are entitled to one free two-hour sailing lesson and will receive discounts on all private lessons.

    • Pram Sailing

      This class stresses water safety and introductory knowledge including rigging, teamwork, confidence building, and basic sailing skills.

    • Race Clinic

      BHYC plans a series of weekly racing clinics for members, similar in concept to the successful tennis clinics, for those interested in trying racing or improving their skills.

    • Racing

      During the summer months we will be offering Wednesday evening 420 racing for ages 14 and up.

    • RBW Fleet Optimist

      Intensive course designed to get the most out of each student's racing potential.

    • Sailing and Racing

    • Sailing Instruction

      This is fee-based, individualized, private sailing instruction.

    • Seamanship

      If you have ever wondered how to splice a three strand line or how to properly whip the end of one of your lines, this is a great place to start.

    • Weather

    • Women's Sailing

      This class is for beginners and experienced women.

    • Wooden Boats and Boat Design

    • Youth Program

      From the basics of learning to sail to advanced racing classes, each student will receive quality instruction by US Sailing certified instructors with hands-on teaching.