Are you ready to get your freshwater MD fishing license so that you can spend a day fishing for chain pickerel on Dundee Creek at Gunpowder Falls State Park? Or, maybe you plan to purchase a saltwater fishing license and spend the day on Chesapeake Bay fishing for white perch. Whichever it is, we have the Maryland fishing license information you need here.

A freshwater MD fishing license or saltwater fishing license can be purchased online from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources or from a Maryland DNR Service Center in your area. Effective October, 2015, the purchase of an annual Maryland fishing license is valid for a period of 365 days.

MD Fishing Rules and Regulations

To help protect our nation’s fisheries for future generations, each state has it’s own set of unique fishing rules and regulations. Always check for fishing regulation updates or changes before each trip since rules are subject to change.

Assisting With Conservation Efforts

When state fishing rules dictate that a certain fish species must be released or when that is the intent of the angler from the outset, it is important to know catch and release best practices to help increase the chances of survival. Use circle hooks, minimize handling, use a dehooking device, and avoid contact with the fish’s gills.