Before you make plans to spend the day on the waters of places like Chesapeake Bay or Lake Needwood with your new boat, you will need to apply for your MD boat registration and learn the state boating rules. By registering your boat, you are doing your part to help sustain resources that promote the safe and responsible use of state waterways.

You can apply for your MD boat registration in person or mail your registration form in to one of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Service Centers. Keep in mind that registration and title fees will need to be submitted along with your boat registration form.

Maryland Boating Rules and Laws

Do you know what types of safety equipment you are required to have on your boat in Maryland? Are you certain that you know how to read the buoys and markers that guide boaters along the waterways? Every boater is responsible for knowing these boating rules and laws.

MD boat registration requirements and laws may vary from other states, so check the Maryland boat laws online before you plan your first trip.