Have you decided that you want to fish for largemouth bass on Fearing Pond in the Myles Standish State Forest or catch a bluefish off of Cape Cod? Find out which type of fishing license is best for you and read about additional saltwater fishing permits. Funds from each fishing license sale is contributed to state conservation initiatives

The easiest way to buy a Massachusetts fishing license is to purchase one online from the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game.

MA Fishing Rules and Regulations

Fishing regulations are different for each state and are subject to change depending on recurring assessments of fish populations. Anglers must know the regulations that apply in the state where they are fishing and abide by these fishing rules every time they are on the water.

Contributing Towards Conservation

As an angler, it is important to learn as much as you can about each fish species for two reasons. First, as you learn more about the behavior of each species you are able to refine your angling techniques accordingly. Second, you can make better decisions about releasing legal fish based on breeding age. Read more about fish populations and why fishing laws matter.