Boating provides adventure, educational experiences and a form of stress-relief. What’s not to love about spending the day on a boat? Once you have purchased a boat, you will need to apply for your boat registration, pay boat registration fees and learn the Massachusetts boat laws. Boat registration fees help to fund marinas, lake clean up efforts, conservation education and more.

Visit these state boating links to find out more about registration requirements, find registration office locations, renew your registration online or read a list of frequently asked questions.

MA Boating Rules and Regulations

Learn about the state-specific rules for speed limit, safety equipment, minimum age restrictions, trailer set up and navigation. Every boater is responsible for following the current boating regulations to ensure the safety of everyone who uses state waterways.

Since Massachusetts regulates their own waterways and has state-specific rules in effect, be sure to read the boating laws that are enforced by the Massachusetts Environmental Police